Rain Lilly

rainflower8152Lilly-8144m lilly8158-L-tall-S lilly8137-M rainlilly8136-mHappy Spring everyone!  El Niño rains have brought us early blooms and thriving gardens here in Northern Cali. Except for a little unexpected flooding of basements and such, excess rains have been the greatest gift.

These happy lilies were transplanted from San Fran to Oakland some 30+ years ago. Taken in early morning light between storms.

Orkestra Obsolete~ Plays Blue Monday

This is a most original and fun video! I love this band, their concept playing tunes (Blue Monday by New Order) with old instruments. It all makes me so happy!  All of the instruments are from the 1930’s.

I’m inspired by the theremin, the single string on wood that sounds like a deep vina (does anyone know what this is?), the wine glasses (good in any era), and my favorite; short wave radio noise.

I want more.

Chili, Chocolate and Chihuahuas

Really enjoy this Poet’s writing- and now recipes!

O at the Edges


Chili, Chocolate and Chihuahuas

The Lovely Wife has jetted off to the great Midwest, leaving me behind to sort the pages of an unruly poetry manuscript in the company of Apollonia, the six-pound terror of Texas, and Ozymandias, her doting, but worried, twelve-pound shadow. As noon departs I note hunger’s first tentative touch, and head to the grocery store for supplies. I’m craving chili, but not having a particular recipe in mind, decide to see what strikes my fancy.

Ah, the sun at last!
No more rain, the yard’s drying.
Our dogs, shivering.

For my chili base I’ll sometimes toast dried ancho peppers, rehydrate and puree them, but I’ve recently replenished my chile powder stock (ancho, chipotle, New Mexico, cayenne, smoked paprika) and feel just a tad lazy, so I’ll use the powdered stuff. But I pick up a poblano, some jalapeños and two onions, and on my way to…

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