Quarried and Carved

What drove a hand below the surface

deeper than forgotten,

into the black of wet mud, is gone. But here, in this pit-

it found


history of loss, cool of decay

and not enough sand-

and so it reached further, past time-soaked

space, until nail and finger bent

hard against mountain and plate,

continental shelf, some Great Divide

between your world and mine, seen unseen and

quarried into light,

it found


your Olmec face.

taralinda c.2014

Dirthead0586Hard to believe- but when planting a garden of sages tonight, I seriously found a stone head in the mud, about arms reach down. Not sure why I kept reaching, or why I so confidently lifted it out from the blackness, wondering what a strangely round thing it was.


A face carved of rock- like lava, & very heavy.




3 thoughts on “Quarried and Carved

  1. Do you think it was just an odd piece…or are you sitting on top of a way cool soon to be archeological site:) I would have my string, trowel, brush and BIG shovel out:) What a perfectly wonderful find!!!

    • ahaha! Hi D: Hmmmm…never thought that there could be more parts. I’m assuming it to be newly carved and was hoping the artist would own up to making it ;) Big shovel indeed!!

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