MartinI am a musician, singer, and recording artist who LOVES to write music across genres, and with many musicians/composers I meet.  I love to perform. And I also live to write poetry, lyrics, and make things with my hands. Because creating gives so much joy- I dedicate this blog to the hundreds of Muses that are always waiting to help us bring Beauty into this world! 

I believe what the historic Greeks told us; Muse’s need humans to manifest art and lyric beauty- in all forms.  We all know that inspiration is everywhere;  but what is it that lights a spark, gets us moving into new spaces, making things we never set out to create?  

Like music, I believe it to be pure Energy, and well beyond me; transcendent.  I call it Muses.  Sometimes Muses feel intangible, other times they work directly and in the human realm to ‘spark us’ ON and moving into something that needs to find daylight!

I think my main purpose as a musician and poet is simply to get out of the way so Muses can get busy; and to be a good conduit, a channel by keeping my craft(s) honed, and the space open for them.  I think Muses are spirits of inspiration; the air of dreams that move us, and move through us.  And we are the matter of lungs to breathe them in, with hearts and hands to get things done.

I write poetry, music and lyrics; sing & perform; make jewelery & hats; and take pictures…  There are never hours enough in the day.

My Music: I sing and write for 3 bands (Tortilla Western, Latin Torch, jazzy blues), play multiple instruments, and have 7 albums of original music. Visit my music website  to hear samples.  For the day-to-day music stuff, visit my music page on Facebook.  Click ‘Like’ to hear of for new music, shows, & video.  

My second passion is jewelry.  What started as a way to make gifts for friends has grown into an extremely grounding pastime; making adornment for the stage, and for others now. Visit my creative corner on Etsy-  Three Muses Jewelry.

The Poetry Muses were the earliest Muses at my side, staring at age 5.   It is the poetry Muses who give me lyrics for my songs, and the most satisfying Food for Soul! I will share them here 😉  

I would love to hear about your relationship with your Muses!

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Bonsoir,
    le hasard me fait arrêterr sur ce superbe blog avec des écrits juidicieux avec comme soutien de magnifiques photos..
    je me suis bien baladé..Grand merci..
    Au plaisir de lire et relire sur nos blogs respectifs

  2. Hello there, I got here through Mkial Millard, he´s a great writer one I have followed since quite a long time and strangely enough viceversa and has always had encouraging words towards an extremely novice writer plus good advice when I have in occassions bombarded him with a few questions as to why this poem is like this or that.

    Anyways, I was browsing through your blog and what can I say, I just found another great poet.

  3. This blog is interesting. You have a lovely voice.
    Your musings above are inspiring and intriguing.

    RE: the Muses–
    I would be honored if you would read my NaPoWriMo offering from the first of April 2017.

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