Rain Lilly

rainflower8152Lilly-8144m lilly8158-L-tall-S lilly8137-M rainlilly8136-mHappy Spring everyone!  El Niño rains have brought us early blooms and thriving gardens here in Northern Cali. Except for a little unexpected flooding of basements and such, excess rains have been the greatest gift.

These happy lilies were transplanted from San Fran to Oakland some 30+ years ago. Taken in early morning light between storms.


California’s Spring is looking very orange right now…

So much going on right now with music and creative projects- I don’t know how

to talk about it, or where to start. It’s as if I am in a fixed state of hyperventilation.

Or one giant slow motion hold-your-breath as the world spins crazy by.
In short- we are playing lots of gigs, morphing new sounds in between, jamming out

the wine country on weekends (yay!), all while my creative urges are morphing (exploding)

in new directions as I experiment with new things- media, materials, techniques all

hours of the night. It feels good! Studio is aMess. 😉 (that should be a word).

I could spend time writing…or making…

Taking a breath to look around…here is a mural down the street from us near the Native Indian center-
native center

and northern California’s Spring is looking very orange right now~


orange flowr_7735

nasturtium orange daisy

Creative updates Next…

Fresh Alchemy- Why Each Show is Different

…This is the scary cool fun of it all. There really is that slow motion point in the very beginning of a show, that terrifying second when you walk out, look out at an audience, and know that you have absolutely no control over the next 90 minutes. Despite all the prep work or a full house. HA!

We just had our biggest show of the year, (so far ;)), last week at world premier Yoshi’s jazz club.  And a great turn out (Thank you friends for celebrating Spring with us. And dancing…!!).

yoshi's 2013 collage

I always welcome a mental break after these; all the extra energy leading up; getting music ready, planning a live act, promoting, stressing (what if no one shows?!)- and then, going with whatever happens on stage that day.

This is the scary cool fun of it all. There really is that slow motion point in the very beginning of a show, that terrifying second when you walk out, look out at an audience, and know that you have absolutely no control over the next 90 minutes. Despite all the prep work or a full house.  HA!


organism of six

apex display onstage-

your mood, your skills, chemistry

of today, could be alchemy    Who knows

how your heart will settle    behind drums, your

fingers on strings, wind moving over reeds, tapping

or muting sweet a trumpet   All inspiring a voice to follow

or Lead    Who knows?

¨¨¨°º©©º°¨¨¨¨¨¨°º©©º°¨¨¨¨¨¨¨°º©©º°¨¨¨¨¨¨    Tara Linda

This is what makes each show so different from the last.  We feel it as both as musicians and performers. Last week’s show felt more raw, and all the more special for it. We tried new things. And though we may attempt to prepare for everything, the uncertainty plus the freshness of each second = spontaneity. Thankfully, I haven’t had to sing my songs 1000’s of times. Yet 😉  But even if they weren’t fresh, I think I would have to make up new words each show. Or change up the rhythms, something! I couldn’t go through motions, not with something I love so much.

Next up: writing/recording new music for clients. Mentally, even that wants a break. Must fight the inertia…studio calls!  Poetry and Music Muses…hover closer…!

This is actually a cool ad: how we never see ourselves as others see us.  Just Beautiful.


Only When we Tarry – Macro and Rilke

“We set the pace
But this press of time–
take it as a little thing
next to what endures.

All this hurrying
soon will be over.
Only when we tarry do we touch the holy.
See how all things are at rest–
darkness and morning light,
blossom and book.”

Part One. XXII- Sonnets to Orpheus, Rainer Maria Rilke. (In Praise of Mortality, translated by Anita Barrows & Joanna Macy)

This book is an awesome combined translation of Rilke’s Duino Elegies and Sonnets to Orpheus. Not sure why, but these delicate, poetic reminders of impermanence are really comforting now. Maybe with Fall and changing seasons…thoughts of what matters…the little things.  Always nice to be reminded to “tarry”, linger and loiter.

Clink the pink flower to check out other cool Macro shots.


Bulb-Diving into Fall: Macro to Cosmic

From Macros to Cosmos. Re-designing my studio, and Über-Excited for Fall!!! Creative fruits coming next…

Taken along the canal in Amsterdam, with my phone camera. I love how the morning sun is captured in the center of a flower at just the right angle…

All I can say about the last weeks of Summer, since coming home from tour- is that I’ve felt like a moth who’s’ bulb-diving a dozen different light sources at the same time- in fear of even one of them going out!  I came back from Europe’s tour SO insanely high with inspiration from the places & (mostly) people that I met, that I dove into a ridiculous number of projects (more instruments, new songs, recording, new jewelry designs & restocking Three Muses, planning new tours, playing with new musicians…), that I dared not slow down to talk about it.  Fear of death I think it’s called.  And then I got sick. And exhausted with definitely nothing to talk about then-Ha!!  But mostly, it’s been the kind of Summer where the ‘Go outside & play!’ mantra held sway over status updates & blogging.   Geeky and true.

Add to this kaleidoscope, my annual summer garden yielded a single tomato and is almost completely dead now.  I guess traveling musicians shouldn’t do gardens (hard for me to admit, since I normally have happy gardens.)

But since that gorgeous Blue Moon has come & gone (NASA photo),  the pendulum has swung.  Officially. I’ve been cleaning house- in many ways (yes!).  Re-designing my studio, and am Über-EXcited for Fall!!!  Creative fruits coming next…

Please clink on the Macro link here to see all the other fine macro shots at Studio Weatherstone.

The Heart of a Passion Flower

Having moved over winter when the back yard was mostly bramble, spindly vines, and leafless trees- spring blooms and new foliage are showing us exactly what plants are thriving around us now.

Turns out, one of my all-time favorite vines is hugging tight against the back fence; Passion flower! One with white blooms. I’ve only seen the purple ones, but Passiflora has over 500 varieties. I wrote about the first one I ever met, in Tenacious like a passion flower.  This one on our fence carries a quiet beauty.  No matter the color, they all look otherworldly to me, like spaceships waiting to take off, complex and multi-layered.  AND my house guest now tells me that this plant, its leaves, makes a good tincture for anxiety, and really works.

   And who would have guessed, that on the backside of passion, is a big, green, succulent heart?

I like the little hole in the heart.  So all the passion can escape?  ;).

OK, so I’m in love with PicMonkey; the newest photo editing software on the block- reincarnated & remolded. Fun to use. They have the coolest old processing film effects, and even collage. Fast & intuitive.Yay!!!