Dreaming in Marseille

I never expected
to fall like this      not
for dated charms
in primary colors-
your flattened edges   clean

But for a certain Witch
in Copenhagen, I park my punk      agree
to meet       let you        in      even
take you often         to bed

And each night that I      hold you
tuck you between       sheets      you slip
to dreams   you offer

prismatic stars       linguistic strings
strange tongued      dignitaries
arriving all night   until I begin to savor
the gardens    soirees   your maritime stories
told by the stables    a kiss      the smell of leather
Parisian wines                  horse dung

                                       Tara Linda 4/2/2017


Tarot Deck: The tarot of Jacques Viéville, 1650, by Patrick Coq




Tribes Challenge Jewelry Reveal #2: Nomad, Allegory Gallery

As promised, here is the second challenge reveal for the Nomad Jewelry Challenge Kit from Allegory Gallery.

Here was the starting kit, sans secret pendant.

Nomadkit- Collage

The first item; simple but my super fun; I added Saki Silver earwires.


I’ll post more goodies when I have better light for photos. Thank you Andrew & William! 😉

Tribes Challenge Jewelry Reveal- Grove- Allegory Gallery

There’s nothing like a jewelry challenge with an Allegory Gallery Design kit to pull me away from sage harvesting and back to my jewelry table! It has been awhile since I’ve taken on one of Andrew Thornton’s challenges, so I thought I’d do 2 to make up for lost time 😉

Here is the first reveal, the kit is called Grove, and there will be a competition among the Tribe members who took it on (I’m entering the necklace for this one).  Will post the 2nd kit’s makings today before midnight. So come back!

Here was the Grove Jewelry kit (sans pendant).

GroveTrive Collage

The day it arrived, I was organizing my studio and putting away some beads. It was pure accident that an amber strand grazed the background of the opened box: I knew immediately the 2 belonged together…





I just LOVE this pendant that Andrew Thornton made! Exquisite yes?  Two trees growing together in a grove. The amber beads- this light color- goes juicy perfect with the color palate Andrew chose! For me, amber is about SUN!, sunlight, Joy, finding pleasure in this moment while we have it. Combined with this Grove pendant; it says, we grow strong together, yes, And we carry our own elixir for healing, strength and joy. Love it!

The added amber also harkens back to a memory: years ago, I asked Andrew who was off for the Tucson shows, if he could kindly shop amber for me. That opened a HUGE window into working with amber- for the first time. 😉

On to bracelet and earrings.



I’ll come back to add links and add the NEXT challenge (RED:BLACK), later today. And then I promise to show other creative projects that keep me away from my computer… Woo-Hoo!! Hello Creative SUMMER!

Now that music is calming down, I’ll be stocking new baubles to my shop in the coming weeks ThreeMusesJewelry

Chili, Chocolate and Chihuahuas

Really enjoy this Poet’s writing- and now recipes!

O at the Edges


Chili, Chocolate and Chihuahuas

The Lovely Wife has jetted off to the great Midwest, leaving me behind to sort the pages of an unruly poetry manuscript in the company of Apollonia, the six-pound terror of Texas, and Ozymandias, her doting, but worried, twelve-pound shadow. As noon departs I note hunger’s first tentative touch, and head to the grocery store for supplies. I’m craving chili, but not having a particular recipe in mind, decide to see what strikes my fancy.

Ah, the sun at last!
No more rain, the yard’s drying.
Our dogs, shivering.

For my chili base I’ll sometimes toast dried ancho peppers, rehydrate and puree them, but I’ve recently replenished my chile powder stock (ancho, chipotle, New Mexico, cayenne, smoked paprika) and feel just a tad lazy, so I’ll use the powdered stuff. But I pick up a poblano, some jalapeños and two onions, and on my way to…

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Solstice Wishes on the Back of a Turtle~ Happy Holidays

Happy Winter Holidays and Solstice to all! I wish everyone at least one day off this holiday through New Years; a day of doing absolutely nothing but restful, creative, artistic things~ in your PJs ;).  I took a day for the first time in 4-ever, yesterday, to make jewelry, and cook~ and feel like a new creatura today for it. 😉  Next post- a recipe for Dungeness crab…
christmasFlr2733While everyone knows about Winter Solstice (last weekend, Dec 21st) as the longest night, and the shortest day. Here is a bit of history on how and when Christians linked Christmas celebrations with pagan Winter Solstice rites in the Northern Hemisphere. Source: Selena Fox

In old Europe, it was known as Yule, from the Norse, Jul, meaning wheel.

Today, many people in Western-based cultures refer to this holiday as “Christmas.” Yet a look into its origins of Christmas reveals its Pagan roots. Emperor Aurelian established December 25 as the birthday of the “Invincible Sun” in the third century as part of the Roman Winter Solstice celebrations. Shortly thereafter, in 273, the Christian church selected this day to represent the birthday of Jesus, and by 336, this Roman solar feast day was Christianized. January 6, celebrated as Epiphany in Christendom and linked with the visit of the Magi (Three Kings Day), was originally an Egyptian date for the Winter Solstice. Most of the customs, lore, symbols, and rituals associated with “Christmas” actually are linked to Winter Solstice celebrations of ancient Pagan cultures.”

While we all will recognize some of these Pagan rituals (mistletoe, yule brews, bonfires), less well known perhaps, are the traditionally North American solstice ceremonies. There must have been as many traditional North American rites for Solstice as the various tribes across the continent. One I remember from childhood in Arizona, is a Winter Solstice dance performed by Pueblo dancers. Now, during the entire Christmas week, the Turtle Dance and other solstice celebrations are performed annually for the public throughout the Pueblos of New Mexico.

102-1The Turtle ceremony of the Tiwa traditionally went on for at least 10 days; it was/is said to be a ceremony of 6 Directions, giving thanks, celebrating change, fertility, and abundance to come. Old books tell of the lineage passed down from which tribes and Pueblos, and of the alters, objects and rites among the different Pueblos. Fascinating to me are the sages and herbs offered to begin the ceremony, and the meaning of the chants sung, while turtle rattles and drums sound. Here is an excerpt translated from Tiwa, of the Turtle Dance chant:

Away to the north, holy people are gathering from every direction!
They come, with their corn-growing powers, And still they come!
Until here they have arrived! [loud rattling]
Away to the west, holy people are gathering from every direction!
They come, with their wheat-growing powers,
And still they come!
Until here they have arrived! [loud rattling]
Away to the south, holy people are gathering from every direction!
They come, with their squash-growing powers,
And still they come!
Until here they have arrived! [loud rattling]
Away to the east, holy people are gathering from every direction!
They come, with their power to raise all cultigens,
And still they come! Until here they have arrived! [loud rattling]…

Source: American Anthropologist 1899.  Walter Fewkes


Source of Art Medicine Mountain

I’ve always loved the symbol of the turtle in Native Indian lore: Mother Earth, the very Island of our land mass, the one supporting us all; to the one who gives water, fertility, and good health; to the one who carries our troubles (and thus walks so slowly because of the burden). The turtle is quietly grand and humble. I hope one holiday to make it to a Turtle Dance in the Pueblos. If you’ve been- leave a comment to tell us about it.

Meanwhile- I wish everyone more celebration, rest and rejuvenation, as we make ready for an abundant new year.

Pharrell Williams’ HAPPY Up for Grammy; But Streaming Royalties~Make You Cry

“Happy” by Pharrel Williams. It has all of the elements of a perfect pop song: infectious musical hook, mantra-like lyrics that resonate, and rhythm and tempo that takes you OVER- no matter WHAT you are doing, or WHERE you are… But here is a blue note about it all.

Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth

As with so many millions of other listeners- I can’t get enough of this song!- “Happy” by Pharrel Williams. It has all of the elements of a perfect pop song: infectious musical hook, mantra-like lyrics that resonate, and rhythm and tempo that takes you OVER- no matter WHAT you are doing, or WHERE you are HA!

Sir Pharrell Williams is up for several Grammy categories, including best video- and I do hope that he bags it righteous clean.

But here is a blue note about it all: As the world moves more and more into streaming, we musicians and songwriters make less and less every year for our song and lyric writing, recording, and distributing. My music yields just a %of pennies each play. But it must be better for a hot musician like Pharrell, yes? Here is what it looks like for a musician who has ‘made it’:

Through the first three months of 2014, “Happy” was streamed 43 million times on Pandora, while “All Of Me” was played 55 million times on the service.
“Happy” brought in just $2,700 in publisher and songwriter royalties in the first quarter of this year, while “All Of Me” yielded just $3,400.

At current rates, Bandier said, one million plays of a song on Pandora typically translates to only approximately $60 in royalties, which then gets shared between the songwriters and publishers.

Source: Fusion.net

So, Spotify should, and Pandora will~ “revisit” royalty rates next year. Uh, Yah, you all do that. Meanwhile, some bigtime artists are removing their music from streamlining services. This is just one more reason to make music for ourselves and fans, and distance ourselves farther from the powers that be in the music industry.  Sing your Bliss as one friend says, and “don’t hold back.”

Here come bad news talking this and that
Yeah, give me all you got, don’t hold back
Yeah, well I should probably warn you I’ll be just fine
Yeah, no offense to you don’t waste your time
Here’s why
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I’m happy

Music: Pharrell Williams
Here is his 24-hr video for HAPPY. Skip around, it’s fun to see so much much bliss on the streets. 😉

Byzantine Rings~Roman Glass, Basha Beads, Pearls

New Jewelry~ Rings!


Spent a feverish weekend experimenting with different ways to mount and set heavy glass, Roman Glass, and pearls. Love these rustic Byzantine styled mountings- adjustable and large (7+)

3-byGreyRomanBashaRing0807I’ve set Basha bead rounds, and Roman Glass discs (2000 year old glass made from broken glass pieces from the Indus Valley; 50BC-400CE with coin pearls. It takes awhile to find the right trio. I cut and file down the glass. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. A true statement piece of art and history.

I usually don’t wear large rings myself- but these deep filigree bay mounts in the old, archaic style are interesting. They were definitely a design challenge.  With the chunky size, they fit index and middle fingers. I am actually enjoying one: the Basha Bead and Roman glass are a natural pair.


Barbara Metzger  (designer of Basha Beads) saw one, and says she likes them! She has kindly picked out some of her beads to fit~ Can’t wait!!!  Meantime, I can confirm: these rings are fun to wear 😉


This is my first series, more beachy in color~ teal, aquas, blue, green, ocean hues; there are 2 left in my Three Muses Jewelry store as of this writing.  The next series will run different colors, as Basha’s beads are always changing. Barbara makes small batches, a few at a time, in her North coast Pacific studio. The colors change as her Muses visit. I’m so excited to have found a way to place them beside Roman glass and pearls; she has always said that her first inspirations were beach glass and old Roman glass.  😉

The Wondrous Life of Zina Lahr

I just found out about this amazing, inspiring Creatura,  and the fact that her life was cut short-

She says she had “Creative Compulsive Disorder”.  😉 Beautiful, spirited, innocent Sprite- just creating, designing, unpretentiously living her Muses fully at every turn. Aah…thank you Zina for your creative example and Beauty! (watch the video by clicking on either photo or link below)


See her video HERE: The Brief Wondrous life of Zina Lahr