#6: I Hope the Devil is a Dog

(Or three reasons to never stop barking)

The dog in the house down the street
barks incessantly, and we wonder if it is out of
loneliness since it begins when his owner leaves, like shouting to
fill space, loud enough to fill absence, and keep
yourself company.

Or maybe he his sounding fear, because anything can happen
in emptiness, so he barks in constant tempo to scare away
dread, to fill the house with the might of amplitude, loudness splattered
like paint in giant blasts across the walls.

Or perhaps it is all simple anger, a defiance to tear the house down
altogether, so that nothing stands between the dog and the neighbors, whose faces are knotting up grimaced as we speak. The dog must think it’s a
human kind of snarling.

Either way, the house is an amplifier, presenting his bark in
all directions, first at Loudness-8, Reverb-10 to the apartments next door,
and traveling down the overpass, leveling off to Loudness-7 before hitting
our house and the crossroads that turn it all up, projecting the bark in
two more directions.

I hope the devil is a dog, there, at the crossroads,
kindred kind to negotiate something fair between this maybe-lonely
animal and all these neighbors, pockets filled with anger coins,
ready to ransom a canine soul
for silence.

Vs. 1:   4/11/2018

Taralinda  2018

If it matters to anyone- my numbering system in my post titles now, doesn’t follow the NaPoWriMo prompts anymore, since I have been writing more, ironically. My goal is simply to post as many poems as possible this month; 30 poems in 30 days would be nice. 😉 That said, I did experiment with longer lines for once (Prompt #6), and there is a parallel of perspectives in this piece (Prompt #10).

And speaking of the length of a linebreak in a poem, I just realized in this poem post, that long lines are not supported in the formatting of this blog template; ergh! Although I don’t use them often, I detest being limited by force. Time to look for a new blog template. What are your favorite WordPress templates for writing poetry?

Thank you for reading!



Poem my newest roommate: Baxter “Spike” Canelo II

Yesterday, we battled wits, tense
toe to toe, disconnected all day,
exhausted and silent by night.

You: newly adopted, young male,
learning house rules, growling and defiant.
Me:  a my-house-my-rules kind of girl, yelling back,

staring you down
for that same impossibly long–

Today, I start from the floor.
Center of the room.  Sitting.
Roll down to stretch, eyes closed.  You,

inch close, lean all 50 pounds
against my leg.  Sigh.  Sit too, for a bit. Then
begin to paw my back– soft, rhythmic,
patient—stopping only when
I look up at you.

“Come,”  you say
eyes a softer brown today,
“Enlightenment awaits us
at the dog park.”

Tara Linda 2012©

Baxter “Spike” Canelo II, our newest roommate

Newly adopted from SF Pet Rescue Center.