Air, Water, Poetry: National Poetry Month

It’s that wonderful time of year again, to honor and celebrate all things poetic- Poetry and Poets for April’s National Poetry Month! 

But before I post my first poems, I wanted to segue from a post last year where I introduced the topic of visual Poetry Journaling.  I mentioned starting a Pinterest board of visual poetry to get inspired, and indeed, this all started a new journey begun last April to incorporate more visuals on my otherwise white pages. The biggest push into this wonderful world has been the many artists I discovered on IG who inspired quick, 15 minute journal  pages, abstract moods, collage, found poems, asemic writing, mindful mending, and messy mixed media techniques. You can follow my arty discoveries here on IG  @OrbitingOracle.  

Blending arts and media in this way makes a lot of sense for any artist, and why not? For me, my poems are never separate from musical Muses, which are never separate from lyrics, which are never separate from the constant visuals- all of which is fed by emotion, imagination, spark, and  color. To explore this gorgeous cross fertilization, I began a journey into the art world via classes, art challenges, and personal projects for the first time as I set about to jazz up my journals.

I also mostly make my own journals now, made of different papers (watercolor, scrap, sketch, junk, and vintage). While I’m not there yet- a poetry journal style that leaves ample space for words and forms with a dance between image, texture, color, and written sentiment- the journey and discoveries have been fascinating; I feel like a poet-musician wandering about one mixed media artist’s studio after another as I try varied things- and it’s been a blast! But my overall aim is to bring it all home; spacious pages that hold my poems ensconced in visuals when the mood strikes.

So ‘what if…we told ourselves that nothing else mattered but our art in April?’ Here is my Day 1 poem:

Excerpt from Air, Water, Poetry
© 2019-4-1 Tara Linda. v.4

For National Poetry Month this year, I’m excited to try different art and collage visuals with my poems, with cues coming from my usual favorite poetic forms (free verse, short haiku, waka, tanka…) and others. As usual, inspirations will be more spontaneous than cued; overheard conversations, other poets’ work, my Muses, and scattered prompts.

And because I always make it a point to buy more poetry in April from local bookstores and small publishers, (YES!- Support Poets: read/buy more Poetry!) I will be also be showing you favorite poet authors and recent book purchases. Please leave a comment below to let me know if you are also writing and posting poetry for the next 29 days, or just say Hi!!

Visual Poetry Ideas:


#9: Surf Born #10-11: On the Day You Die. Poems

moon jellies

#9  Pacific Tome

What Soggy tome is this
rising up from the cold Pacific?

It was black ash on burnt edges
that gave it all away, a shock of pain. Or
two or three. Showed too

which lines to follow back
up toward light, toward center, to a breathing space
the holding place, tugged by hand weighty and
waterlogged, onto land and into heart


Excerpt from Pacific Tome
© 2018-4-26 Tara Linda. v.4

Inspired by a Junk Journal video by artist Orly Avineri.


It is difficult
to get the news from poems
yet men die miserably every day
for lack
of what is found there.

Excerpt from Asphodel.  William Carlos Williams

#10  On the Day you Die

The sky
is partly cloudy, split in
half by bright billowy clouds
dark ones too.  Rain? we ask each other
feeling illumination balance
stillness with

#11 On the Morning You Die

A Spring wind
blows out of the North at 17 mph, April’s
Flower Moon is high and full. Skies are still and
ink clear, will our memories travel well?
Only when the winds
pick up.

© 2018 4/29 Tara Linda. V1


Rain Lilly

rainflower8152Lilly-8144m lilly8158-L-tall-S lilly8137-M rainlilly8136-mHappy Spring everyone!  El Niño rains have brought us early blooms and thriving gardens here in Northern Cali. Except for a little unexpected flooding of basements and such, excess rains have been the greatest gift.

These happy lilies were transplanted from San Fran to Oakland some 30+ years ago. Taken in early morning light between storms.

Happy New Year and Full Wolf Moon Wishes~

I am THRILLED for a New Year, and a Full Wolf Moon to kick it off.

The Farmer’s Almanac says of this moon’s name:

Full Wolf Moon reminds us of the cold and deep snows of midwinter,… wolf packs howled hungrily outside Native villages. Thus, the name for January’s full Moon. Sometimes it was also referred to as the Old Moon, or the Moon After Yule.”

Tara Linda 2012 Final 5_15 SmallSource: Accordion Babes Calendar.    2012. Tara Linda copyright.

The new year has filled me with a serious urge to clean, toss, and simplify in my immediate environment now. To make way. This is especially so before beginning my next recording projects, some of which will be tracked in my studio first (yippee!)

But first, I must THANK you ALL for following my blog this year.  I will be stepping it up in 2015 with more poetry (promise), TONS more musica (3 projects in the works!), and an incubating new project dying to bust out.

For 2015, I wish ALL of you MORE of EVERYTHING~  including…

Abundant Muses and Rebellious Creativity;



Travel to Exotic places;


More Magic, Mystery, and Beauty:


Stillness, and Time to savor Life


Abundance and Peace to you My Friends~ Happy 2015!

Fixer Elixir

she says IN all these sparks
I scatter your way …

Here we are, 13 days into National Poetry Month, and I’ve posted far less poetry than usual. I’m writing lots; incubating, exploring characters, dreams, forms, rhythms- but not feeling like anything is finished enough to post.  What’s so different this time?


she says   IN    all these sparks 

    I          scatter    your way             

just stop         thinking,           start

drinking  it all      down a little   

deeper, this juice, this                tincture,  salve

for the       soul.   You  want          the final fixer,    

Elixir, here I am-


Actually, writing is feeling really good now- and I’m thrilled April is here, I’m making more time for poetry.  Lots of inspiration, joy when I write, hunger for it all… but I have too many balls in the air to court my Muses properly. (Anyone else feel like this?) Feels like I need to submerge with the  Muses for awhile, a day (at least an hour! 😉  and not just quickie exercises or posts.

But one good thing- I’m writing song lyrics all over the place. No problem there. Our new project- Fistful of Stars, has about 12 new songs, and we wrote another 2 last week.  I love it when I get to write the lyrics to fit the emotional, energetic, kinetic feel of a song.  Mine or anyone else’s- pure joy.

Funny, what I posted about this time 2 years ago is spot on for me now as well:  A feeling that Muses are impatient with m–, all while I book gigs, plan a Summer Europe tour, cater to the Lyric Muses, plant my garden, and try to finish taxes… Ha!


Nothing kills Muses like taxes.

But there were so many great things about this week…. the Europe tour is coming together nicely; we’re working on videos. My garden is growing; and the hunter moon is lighting the skies.

“Jealous Muse 

Time for a million
& none for me- gives zero
to the bossa waiting patiently.
We could sip wine & light a fuse
taxes & death are no excuse.

Divas in the House! Women of Soul~ White House Concert-PBS

Did you see it? I missed Monday’s show this week, but you can see it was most definitely a night to remember; Legends who defined the genre, crazy-great energy onstage, and mad love in the room….Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Jill Scott, Janelle Monae, Melissa Ethridge, Ariana Grande.

Did you see it? I missed Monday’s show this week, but you can see it was mos def a night to remember; Legends who defined the genre, bringing their crazy-great energy onstage; so much love in the house. Didn’t realize this series has been going on for decades. But this concert, I’m sure, must take the cake; Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Jill Scott, Janelle Monae, Melissa Ethridge, Tessanne Chin, Ariana Grande.  I just love seeing Janelle Monae and all the risk she takes; she does that old-skool-meets-new with so much flair and confidence; always leaves me wanting more. But then, Divas do that- don’t they!!!!! 😉 ahahaha!

Click on the photo to get to the video on PBS website.


Shedding Light, Getting Ready~ NaPoWriMo

So, the last photo I posted apparently wasn’t such a mystery; Laura guessed it within seconds of posting; Pacific Abalone, the green spp. Although she is a CA girl, with perhaps an unfair familiarity ;), she wins. And since she already has all 4 of my CDs, I gave her another gift, besides music. The last post, and this photo- hints of what has been keeping me busy lately, beyond musica.


And here is another~

NV-Valley 4137[1]

The great Southwest.  NV with sagebrush in the foreground and as far as the eye can see; Desert Sage. This was also a common plant and scent of much of my Arizona childhood.  It’s hard to explain, but I came home from the last tour across the Southwest, from California, Arizona, New Mexico, to Colorado– a little heartsick. I don’t know why, but it feels strangely, as if… I left my heart behind on the last tour, somewhere between Durango, CO and Joshua Tree, CA.  So I will try to explain in the next few posts, to come close in poems, starting tomorrow; shed light. All in time for April’s National Poetry Month; a poem a day, every day for 30 days. + MicroPoems on Twitter.

I’ll still be posting musings, New Inspirations, and Artist Crushes, but poems and poetic prompts will be mixed in. It’s always great to connect with the Poetry community this time of year. This always motivates me to post more. If you are  posting poems in April, leave a comment on any post this month, with a link back to your site so we can all visit/comment. It feels good to feel poets hard at work writing daily all across the globe! Great also to stop by each others sites and say ‘Hey keep on going!’    😉

Happy New 2014- Keep Celebrating!

I like to begin my annual celebrations now, like everyone else, but we all have the benefit of carrying on with our celebrations through the Asian New year as well! The Asian year is a lunar year with an extra moon…

Happy New Year Everyone!  I like to begin my annual celebrations now, like everyone else, but we all have the benefit of carrying-on with our celebrations through the Asian New year as well! The Asian year is a lunar year with an extra moon, thus the extra month  (i.e. “the Tibetan year is comprised of either 12 or 13 lunar months, each beginning and ending with a new moon. A thirteenth month is added every two or three years, so that an average Tibetan year is equal to the solar year”. WikkiP)  So just a note to let you know that your celebrations should go on until at least Jan. 31st.  Woo-Hoo!!

Art of Hung LiuArtist: Hung Liu

I am ready to think all things “new” about now: last year was good, with only a few disappointments.  Musically, I had a tour fall through. Community-wise, some muggings and more crime on our street affected me emotionally more than I expected. Didn’t want to  talk about it, here or anywhere: I felt we simply needed to ACT and quickly to prevent a pall of defeat from settling in. We started our first street teams/neighborhood watch group, and with everyone’s interest and energy, things are better. There is less fear (I’ll talk about all of this later- what we learned, etc.)  Meanwhile, I’m back with a better attitude.  We just did an “Out with the Old” smudge of our home, the street, and for me- old attitudes. I love the traditional, Native Indian ways of clearing and cleansing. It works so well for something like this.

ec3c40ccca47e21a267e6f0bcc2c9082Source: Peter Justice.

On a higher note- we in the Oakland/SF Bay area have a new bridge!!  Earthquake ready- and built for bikes too! It was pure joy to ride our bikes across it in the first warm months of Fall.BayBridge

ON THE HORIZON- 2014: I am happy to say that the vision of my jewelery venture- Three Muses- is manifesting. I will be expanding while finetuning certain styles. And, I’ve started not one, but TWO new musical projects!!  I will gush on all of this soon enough, but first…

I MUST stop to WISH ALL of YOU who take the time to visit me here, an *Amazing*, Crazy-happy new year–Everywhere you  are! May you enjoy:

Unspeakable Beauty, Mystery, and travel-

Mark AdamusPhoto Source Mark Adamus

More Music, whimsy, and Art:GrrlGuitaristssource.

Stellar Health, and more moments to enjoy your Life!

tea for trees6020

Thank you for continuing to visit this blog. I will be reinstating weekly posts on: Inspired in Oakland, Artists Crush, and New Art and Poetry 52:365.  Leave a comment with your blog/website so that I can come visit you;).

Sparking the Airwaves: Thank you for listening…!

I can’t find the words to express the joy of having my friends & family calling now to say:
“Hey! Omg-I’m listening to your song on the radio right now, Right NOW! Hey- You’re on air!”

Your voice,

so high, so happy

we can feel your glow, a thousand miles

close and sparking the air.  Even Chula races

room to room to catch

your laughter.

I can’t find the words to express the joy of having my friends & family calling now to say:

“Hey! Omg-I’m listening to your song on the radio right now, Right NOW!  Hey- You’re on air!”

This morning’s call…2 states away, my Mom to tell me- “KUVO is playing Recession Stomp right now! So I called the DJ Arturo to talk to him… wow, what a great guy he is…!” 😉

Since starting publicity 2 months ago, sending my new CD Torch and Sass around the world- I’ve enjoyed calls & shout outs from Richmond, Washington, Portland, Ohio, Atlanta, San Antonio, Boulder, San Francisco, Boston, Brownsville, Denver, & Italy…. Of course, Mom’s call was the best! 😉

It’s crazy surreal. This culmination of sorts- the place where last year’s writing & recording in 3 studios meets this year’s send-it-out-into-the-world, (hold-your-breath!), and then feel (through others), how ether expands on the airwaves... 😉  Can’t believe it.  Maybe someday I’ll hear for myself… hehe 😉

For stations that report what they play publicly (many don’t) we guesstimate that around about 175 US radio stations are playing music from Torch and Sass right now.  So this has put me in that  elusive place of  “in “the charts” with other musicians & recording artists – sometimes with Diana Krall, Robert Glasper, Karrin Allyson.  My place bounces around, but for awhile the College Music Journal had me in the top 30- & the only unsigned artist!!

Since I’m so bad about appreciating the little successes along the way (too focused on that long list of what I haven’t done yet…), and since it’s January, I’m just going to stop now.


Stop for a second & breathe in…this great space. And all mi Mum’s good energy….

Thank you Thank you Thank you….to everyone who has called, to the DJs who take time to listen and find something new, to all of you who listen to radio, & to your local, community radio stations:  you ALL keep musicians going!  Today- I am ecstatic, exuberant, silly-high, bouncing-off-the-walls elated!!!

Thanks Mumma!!!

Poetry pebble:  Mindful Writing Prompt

Things To Do Today: Before the End of the World

“Post more poems! And more Macro! Less verbage on your blog.” 😉 It’s true, I do miss writing. So that will be on tomorrow’s list: play more music; write a poem. In case the world goes on.

On Today’s To Do list:

Send more Accordion Babes calendars to the North Pole.   For Real- that’s where this order is from; North Pole, Alaska!  For  5 years, I’ve mailed out CDs & calendars, to every state, and nearly every country by now, but this is my geography lesson of the day;  NP Alaska, within the Fairbanks North Star area,  4.2 sq. miles big, and with around 2,300 people.

Map of Alaska highlighting Fairbanks North Sta...
Map of Alaska highlighting Fairbanks North Star Borough (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Book my 2013 World Tour~ USA, Canada, & Europe are in the works, in case the world goes on.   Today, I got requests to come to Maine, TX & NYC.   (Send me your favorite venues to see music, and I will do my best to book them if they are enroute.)

The World Tour

Finish painting the Guest room before holiday guests arrive:  Here you see supervisor, Chula,  closely inspecting the prep work.  She’s a tough boss, and doesn’t much care about doomsday theories.


Write!  I got this small edict from a good friend and faithful reader to this blog:

“Post more poems! And more Macro! Less verbage on your blog.”   😉 It’s true, I do miss writing.  So that will be on tomorrow’s list: play more music; write a poem.  In case the world goes on.

Post new jewelry to my shop, Three Muses:

AztecChalcEar6989Aztec Calendar Chalcedony chunks.

woodOwlNckl7116 Bamboo Forest Owl- Tiger eye, pearls, fire agate, & stoneware leaf pendant (Black Mud Studios), with bronze owl (Andrew Thornton).

majorcaNcklc Twilight Pearl Choker.  A take on grandmas’s Majorcan pearls- with Czech Crystal Pearls

peacockNckl Forest Peacock;  tiger eye, green hessonite garnet, blue goldstone- with stoneware leaf pendant (Black Mud Studios), and copper peacock owl pendant by Andrew Thornton.